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Buhari’s ‘problems’ with coronavirus


Buhari’s ‘problems’ with coronavirus

The news that a daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari was in isolation following a recent trip to the United Kingdom put many peoples in a quandary. Identifying the particular lady in quarantine was an issue.

That was because the First Lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, who proactively informed Nigerians of the development, did not disclose the daughter that was involved.

Many have also spoken of the natural endowments of the president. Even in old age, flares of a dashing, gap-toothed, and some say, sexy man, burst into the imagination when old pictures of a young Muhammadu Buhari are projected.

Despite his public stance against corruption and his life-long commitment to monogamy, your correspondent has heard gist that in his younger years that our baba’s dealings in the things concerning the other room were indeed colourful!

With all his attributes, one thing that has now come out to be lacking in the president is the capacity to communicate.

Indeed, his poor communication capacity will arguably be the morass for his presidency.

Even if he would not talk much, but let him come out to be seen giving hope to the citizenry.

He may well not know that the sight of his person would not just reassure the people, but indeed, even send chuckles among the ladies as they remember what a handsome dude he was in his prime.


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